Monday, April 27, 2009

A Big Weekend - Twas so long ago!

Part 3

Drew and Rachel had their reception at Lone Star Ranch.  It was really nice and lots of friends and family were there to celebrate.  

Drew looked happy and handsome!

Molly enjoyed the food!

The cake was sooo delicious!

Lucy, Grandma Scholl and Terri - what pretty ladies!

Drew and Grandma Scholl

Rachel looked so pretty.

Yes, Jon and I were in attendance.  Terri is the only one who took pictures, so I don't have too many photos.  The Best side of the family failed me on this one.... so you aren't in the photos at the reception either!  Hopefully I'll get some of the pictures the photographer took.

Drew and Rachel stayed in town for a few nights before heading to Rexburg.  They drove in a 24' truck with all their personal belongings to start their new life as Mr. and Mrs. Drew Scholl. What an adventure!  They are both attending school at BYU-Idaho. Congratulations!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Big Weekend! Continued...

Part 2

Saturday, March 28th was the day Drew and Rachel were married in the Dallas Texas Temple. Our friend Jim Foulger was the sealer (the man who performed the marriage, which in our faith we call sealing - as in being sealed or bound to each other).  It was special to have someone we know!  It was beautiful.  Rachel looked so pretty and Drew couldn't stop smiling.  

We tried to take some photos outside the Temple, but is was not easy going!  It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing like a hurricane!  We did the best we could and managed a few windblown shots.  We're hoping the photographer did well.

Jon's mom, Marillyn, his sister Terri, Jon and Karen:

Ashley and Parker:
Parker was a trooper in the cold and wind!

Karen's Mom and Dad tried to find a wind break!:

Drew's grandparents, Barrie Best, Mary Anne Best and Marillyn Scholl:


Will - always in character!:

Molly looks like we all felt!:

Monday, April 13, 2009

A BIG Weekend!

Part One:

Our family celebrated two milestones recently.  Our second child, Drew, was married in the Dallas Texas Temple to Rachel Shirey, and my parents, Mary Anne and Barrie Best celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary!  I don't think Drew and Rachel chose March 28th because it was his grandparents wedding day, but it was a wonderful excuse to extend the celebration!

The fun started with the arrival of my parents on Monday.  Ashley, Sam and Parker arrived on Wednesday, the rest of the family (both on my side and Jon's) arrived on Thursday and Friday.

The first event of the weekend was the wedding dinner we hosted for both families (Drew's and Rachel's) at Randy White's BBQ in Frisco.  We had lots to eat, including delicious Texas Sheet cake which was made by two of Karen's wonderful friends. (Yes, I delegated!)

Rachel and Drew 

Drew's side:

Rachel's side:

We had cute Mason Jar flower arrangements on the tables, just to brighten things up a bit!  Thanks, Mom for helping put them together.  I think the beans are a fun touch.

We presented Rachel with a a bucket full of items that will come in handy as a member of the Scholl family! Popcorn and M&Ms (to be eaten together), Phase 10 cards, an ice cream scoop, a toy airplane (to get her warmed up to flying in small planes),  a pancake mold for making pancakes in cool shapes, and more!


It's really wonderful to have so much family together in one place!  We had such a great time visiting with everyone.  

Three of four generations there that night for Marillyn!

Our Little Ball Player

Molly had her second softball game tonight!  Her team played a Celina time in Celina at their REALLY nice fields.  And guess what?  Molly got a HIT!  She smacked the ball right between the pitcher and third base for a single.  Then she made a run all the way home on the next hit! She was so stinkin' cute.  We are so proud of our girl!  Our team won 9-3, I think.  It was a great night for the girls.

Crossing home plate!

She was pretty happy!

Lucy kept the scoreboard updated.

Will had a blast with the sunflower seeds.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Morning Laugh

The kids watch out the window in the morning for the school bus.  From the dining room you can see the bus on another street before it makes the turn onto our street.  This gives them plenty of time to get out the door so the bus doesn't have to wait a long time for them to get down our long walkway and driveway to the street.

This morning they were in the dining room as usual and I was getting other things done.  Molly yelled to me, "Mom, BUUUSSSS"  which is my signal to get to the door to kiss them goodbye.  So I get there and the bus is already at the curb waiting, so I say, "How did you guys miss seeing the bus?" to which Molly answers, "I don't know, Will was beatboxing."

Friday, April 3, 2009

Coming Soon

Oh my goodness!  It's been a while since I've had a second to blog!  There's a really good reason. Though as I take a minute to sit down and think about why I want to do this (blogging) instead of reading my bookclub book, working in the garden, cleaning house, knitting, baking some really great treat, meal planning, visiting with friends, etc., I am reminded of the fact that this blog is a family record.  A journal of sorts.  I've never been much of a journal writer.  OK, true confessions, I'm terrible.  It's one of those New Years Resolutions or goals that I've just stopped setting! But, somehow, knowing that my friends enjoy seeing what we are up to (I figure this is a true statement because I enjoy seeing what you are up to.) helps me find motivation to carry on.  But also, someday, I will be able to look back and read and see this record of our family.  I love that. I want that.  We don't have especially amazing experiences, and I'm not gifted at writing, but they are our experiences and I want to remember them.  So I'll make time.

Lately, we've had lots going on at the Scholl house.  So much that I haven't had time to answer email let alone blog! Not that you're holding your breath till the next installment of the Scholl Family Chronicles is released, but please be patient.  I'm compiling photos from our momentous weekend to share with you soon.  A wedding and a milestone anniversary all in one weekend make for lots of fun and busy-ness!  Stay tuned.