Saturday, August 29, 2009

Continuing Education

"Back to school" is sooo overused. But alas, it's true. They're baaa-aaack. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

We had our "back to school" breakfast.

Name pancakes! Just in case you forgot how to spell your name over the summer.

No Seminary on the first day! But Lucy is still tired.

Will and Molly are excited and ready!

The traditional first day photo. Picking out what to wear the first day is always a fun challenge! Everyone looked so cute!

Molly picked out her skinny jeans with a little bling on the pockets and a super cute plaid shirt with a little sparkle in it! Her new pink and white backpack is fun and sporty!

Will was looking like a middle school hottie with his MEK jeans and embroidered shirt. He has his locker supplies ready to go, too. This is his first year with a locker!

Lucy tried on several outfits before deciding on this ensemble. She looked beautiful and just like a sophomore!

After breakfast, we loaded up the car and were off to THREE, yes three different schools! First stop was the elementary school! We all walked in with Molly. It was a little sad to see her going to school all by herself. William was always so good to walk with her and make sure she got inside safely over the past three years. But she's a big girl and is doing GREAT!

Molly and Mrs. Bainbridge!

Next stop - Prosper High School. The NEW Prosper High School. It's an amazing campus. First of all it's HUGE. It's also state of the art everything. Lucy was excited to go to school to just be inside this wonderful facility. Lucy's friend, Emily, joined us on day 1 and they were all too kind to pose for the photo in front of the school. NO, I did not walk them inside.

Lucy and Emily

The Middle School starts last, so Will and I made our way through the traffic to his school. The Middle school is only one year old and is really a beautiful campus, too! Will was excited, but nervous, too about all the things that come along with sixth grade! Lockers, combinations, changing classrooms, getting lost, etc. I have all the confidence that he will do great!

Looking so cute with the new haircut, too!

After leaving them off one by one and breathing a sigh of sadness and relief I went straight to the gym. The school day was over before I knew it and I ran around town collecting my favorite people in the world. I missed them!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twenty three is great, too!

Our cute little Drew had a birthday this month, too. Ok, so he's not so little anymore, but cute he is! Where would our lives be without this kid??

Drew's Blessing Day 1986

Drew and his new bride Rachel - March 2009

This kid keeps us laughing with his funny faces, movie lines and silly thoughts. He's creative, good looking and smart. We're glad he's part of our family! Happy Birthday, Dwew.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Eight is GREAT!

Hard to believe, but our beautiful little Molly Kate is eight! What a wonderful eight years it has been! She has made us laugh, wow-ed us with her wisdom and spelling ability, taught us by her example, and brought such joy to our family each and every day!

She was such a gorgeous baby and she is as beautiful as ever today! Thank you Miss Molly for being such and important part of our family. We love you to infinity and beyond!! Happy Birthday.

Along with turning eight comes the extra special blessing of being baptized! Molly was so lucky to have her Dad baptize her and have lots of men who mean so much to us be part of her confirmation. The day was really fantastic because Ashley, Sam, Parker, and Drew all were there! There were lots of friends and family there, too!

Molly and Jon just before the baptism!

It was a wonderful day! Thanks to everyone who came to share the special day with us!