Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quite a bunch!

Drew let us know he'd been a bit of a scuffle with a grocery cart! I think the grocery cart came out in better shape than Drew. It seems he's dislocated a bone in his wrist. The story is, he was riding his bike on a sidewalk when he encountered the grocery cart. While dodging the cart his back tire clipped it and he continued down the sidewalk while is bike stayed put. He's fine, but was pretty swollen and sore.

Lucy called to come home from school half-way through the day on Wednesday, which is very unusual for Lucy. She wasn't feeling well - sore body and headache. She thought it was from the stunts they were dong in Cheerleading practice the day before. By late afternoon she had a high fever. Too high. So I took her to the ER. My friend, Dr. Martha was working, so we were in and out in record time, but with a presciption for Zithromax. Strep throat.

Will came home from school Wednesday with bandages on his knees. When I asked him what happened, he told me he'd fallen off the sidewalk! No kidding. He fell off the sidewalk in into the dirt, which is where his skinned his knees. I told him he needed a better story.

Molly is really fine, except for some dental work. It's amazing that a child with so few teeth could need repairs, but she's managed to grow a couple cavaties.

The good news is everyone is on the mends. Whew.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Kids Make Me Laugh

Kids are a crack up. They are very observant and not afraid to ask questions or talk about their observations. We should be more like them.

We were riding in the car yesterday when out of the blue William says, "Hey Dad, when did you get your first arm pit hair?" After we stopped laughing, Jon answered with something like, "When I was 8." (Will is 9.) He laughed in his giddy little boy laugh that makes his face light up and turn red. That was really all that was said on the subject. Will is obviously really concerned about the whole thing because today he asked Jon if he really got arm pit hair when he was 8. Jon told him he didn't, and asked why he wanted arm pit hair and Will says, "I need it for gym class." So, I guess there are fourth grade boys with arm pit hair and he's feeling left out. As you can tell by this photo, I think he has a bit of a wait. Aren't most kids like 14 when they start growing arm pit hair???

Then there's Molly. Funny, funny girl. Her school is adding an additional First Grade class because enrollment is higher than expected. So a few kids from each class will be going to the new class and Molly is one of them. Mrs. Macaulay was really sad and I was worried about how Molly would take it. Her new best friend Katie Beth is in her class now and won't be going to the new class, and she really likes Mrs. Macaulay. Becuase I didn't want to ruin the weekend with the news, I waited until tonight (Sunday) to tell Molly. At the dinner table I broke the news and she says, "OK, but if my new teacher is mean, I'm going back to Mrs. Macaulay's class. (pause) AND I'm taking my desk." No questions about Katie Beth, no worries, nothing. Of course that could all change when she actually gets there Monday, but for now all is well.