Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Garden

I know, it's not really summer yet, but the weather is so beautiful, the hydrangeas are blooming, the kids are out of school today and it feels like summer to me!

They make a lovely arrangement for inside, too!

They just make me feel happy!  Now, off to the pool!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy 15th, Sweet Lucy!

I can hardly believe you are 15 years old today, my sweet girl who started out with "sticking up hair" and sucked on multiple "babbas" (pacifiers) at once.  You have brought our family so much joy with your smile, your beautiful singing, your service and most of all, your love.  We can't imagine our lives without you.  Thank you for everything you do and all that you are!

We love you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

I have a wonderful mother.  From A-Z she's amazing!

A - Artistic.  My mother paints beautifully, has beautiful handwriting and great taste.
B- Bright.  Mom always seemed to know how to help with homework.  Especially English!
C- Cook.  She can cook anything and seems to always find great recipes.
D- Daughter.  As an only child, she was adored by her parents and dutifully cared for and loved her aging mother for many years.
E- Etiquette Expert. Step aside Emily Post.  My mom has it going on when it comes to manners.
F- Friend.  She has tons of friends - some of them she's known forever, it seems. She must be a good one!
G- Grandma.  She has eleven grandchildren and one great grandson who all love her tons!
H- Historian.  She's a family history buff and has written the personal histories of her parents.
I- Industrious.  Mom is always making something.  From Dip and Drape Wise Men to baby sweaters.  She keeps her hands busy.
J- Joyful.  She finds joy in being a mother and grandmother.
K- Knowledgeable.  Mom knows a lot about a lot of stuff.  
L- Lovely.  She's always been beautiful inside and out.  She has great skin and great dimples!
M- Modest.  Never draws attention to herself or her abilities.  
N- Nurse.  With my regular trips to the ER, Mom was always having to change bandages or give medications.
O- Organized.  She thinks ahead, plans and executes and can always be counted on to do what she says she'll do.
P- Punctual.  Mom hates to be late, so she rarely, if ever is.
Q- Quiet.  Though she has a lot to say, she prefers to not be in the limelight. 
R- Righteous.  Mom continuously chooses the right and exemplifies a faithful daughter of God.
S- Stylish.  She always looks nice.  She changes her clothes to go to Walmart.  
T- Talented.  Mom can do just about anything. And she does all of it WELL!
U- Unconditional Love.  She has learned through experiences in her life to love her children and those with whom she comes in contact unconditionally.  
V- Volunteer.  At church, the Genealogical Society, Girl Scouts.  She always has a hand to give.
W- Witty.  She keeps us laughing.  Sometimes she doesn't mean to be funny, but it's one of the hazards of hearing loss!
X- Xtraordinary!  
Y- Youthful.  You'd never know she's about to turn 79.  I think she's hiding that fountain of youth somewhere.
Z- Zookeeper.  She managed to keep three kids in line -  a real chore with one who skipped school, embarrassed her in public (remember the singing in the car?), stayed out too late and basically pushed her to the limit lots of times!

I've learned so much from my mother through the years and continue to learn great lessons on being a mother and a grandmother.  She's always been an amazing example to me and I love and appreciate her very much!

Happy Mothers Day, Mom! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Celebration

My parents were married on the same day Drew and Rachel were. Only 50 years earlier. That's a pretty amazing accomplishment - especially knowing my Mom and Dad! Just kidding.... my parents are wonderful people and it's no shock at all that after 50 years of ups and downs, three kids (I still say I'm adopted), multiple moves, huge community and church responsibilities, illnesses and joy, they are still man and wife.

Being together for Drew and Rachel's wedding was a perfect opportunity to celebrate those 50 years. We had a wonderful party!

Here's the invitation

There were enough of us for two tables!

I had photos of Mom and Dad around the tables.

Dinner was from Maggiano's and was delicious. The best part was no one was stuck in the kitchen preparing food!

Drew and Rachel had one last hurrah at the kids table. Now they have to be grown ups.

Don't they look wonderful?

The Best Family

Mom and Dad with the grandchildren (all but three)!

And with their first Great-grandchild, Parker!

It's amazing what has come of the union of these two people!  We're so glad you found each other.  Thanks for being the wonderful parents you are and helping us become who we are.  I'm so proud to be your daughter.  I love you!