Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Fun Gift

The kids received many wonderful gifts for Christmas. They're not picking favorites, just in case the Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles or other interested parties are reading. But, this one (gifted by Mom, who loves anything involving sugar), is tons of fun!

It's the Zoku Popsicle maker!

You just put the who unit in the freezer for a day and then you pour your favorite liquid - juice, soda, kool-aid, etc. into the well and wait about 10 minutes! It freezes practically before your eyes! It's fun to mix flavors, too!

Will is using the tool to remove his finished popsicle.

Lucy enjoying her frozen concoction!

Will used several flavors of soda - Mr. Kamakaze

The Zoku gets high marks from the Scholl family. We can't wait for summer to really give it a regular workout. Today it's 27 degrees outside and we're not feeling it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Month...

Can you believe Christmas was a MONTH ago? Wow. Time does fly. And I didn't post any pictures from the big day.

So I will. Now.

The kids have their own trees in their bedrooms.
Lucy's new black, silver and white tree!

Will with his super fun traditional tree.

Molly's colorful tree.

Lots of wonderful gifts were given and received. We are truly blessed.

Lucy's new running shoes. Will she ever be able to keep up with Mom?

Will is now armed and dangerous.

Molly, aka Chef Molly got a handmade apron from Ashley, some cooking utensils and this awesome Chef's hat. Look out Rachel Ray!

Drew and Rachel got a portrait of the two of them that will look great in their "loft style" apartment!

One of the "funnest" gifts was a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

Molly was an easy target - but kept a smile on!

It was a wonderful Christmas!