Tuesday, February 26, 2008

David Archuleta is my hero!

All I can say is WOW.  And maybe, will you marry my daughter?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random information...

I wore yoga pants to work one day this week. On Oprah's latest fashion episode they showed yoga pants with a jacket and cute little flats, so I took that as permission for me to wear yoga pants to work - it was after all on Oprah. It was great. I occasionally felt the desire to strike a pose, such as awkward chair, Warrior III, or even Natarajasana (Lord of the Dance pose)!


For the first time ever, I sold something on Craig's List. It was awesome.  I spent 10 minutes posting my ad - complete with photos - and in a mere 20 minutes I had 5 people who wanted to buy!  Within 8 hours, my trusty old dryer was in the back of an SUV and I had cash in my pocket.  I love America.  


I have given birth to a rock.  This week I had the unfortunate task of expelling a kidney stone from my body.  Fun?  Not so much.  Picture me at 4:00 am crawling up the stairs to tell Lucy I was going to the hospital and to go sleep near the little kids and then crawling back down to meet my sweet friend Rhoberta at the door to drive me to the ER (Jon was out of town).  I'll spare you the gory details, but by 9:00 pm I had indeed given birth to a rock.


Sometimes something has to happen to make you realize things are true.  What I realized this week:  I am loved.  
  • Jon got on the first flight he could from somewhere far away from here after my VERY early morning call of despair.  Who knows how many calls, meetings and other really, really important stuff he missed by leaving a couple days earlier than planned.  And he didn't complain once!
  • My friend Rhoberta jumped right out of bed and rushed to my side.  She even rubbed my back while I waited impatiently at the ER.  Then she helped my kids get breakfast, took them to school and even wrote notes to teachers explaining what was going on - just in case the kids were stressed or didn't have homework or something!
  • Another friend, Rosemary, was upset that I hadn't called HER to help me!
  • Sally insisted on bringing me a Jamba Juice!
  • Lori worked my hours in the morning AND hers in the afternoon!
  • Lots of others called with caring and concern.


We have a lot of stuff in our house and I need to get it out - NOW!  Hmmmm.  I wonder what I can sell on Craig's List?


I've always thought as people age they do weird things.  Here are some examples:
  • For a while my dad started doing these funny Tai Chi type movements while standing on the edge of our raised spa in the back yard.  I guess he was stretching.   Not sure why.
  • Some women join with other women who find pleasure in wearing purple and donning obnoxious red hats.
  • Men and women alike begin wearing ugly shoes.  I understand the concept of comfort and wearing "sensible" shoes, but do that have to be ugly?
  • They love to talk about what they eat, when they eat it and how well they digest it.
  • They do their best to keep up with technology, but are not quite with the program.  However, they manage to drive us crazy forwarding every urban legend, joke, cute photo montage, or political essay ever sent to them via email.  
Anyway, I'm sure you have examples of your own.  Feel free to share!  I have noticed recently that I may be showing some signs of aging.  Hopefully they aren't driving anyone crazy, or are too noticeable, but they are there.  Here's what's happening:
  • I've teased Jon for a couple years now for wearing "grandpa" glasses.  Yesterday I dug a pair out of a drawer when I found myself having difficulty reading a new cookbook.
  • My new cookbook was "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian".... I'm on a new mission to get healthier and stay healthier, inside and out.  So, I'm eating very little animal protein after reading some interesting books including, "The China Study".   Gone are the carefree days of eating anything and everything I wanted!
  • I find myself reaching more often for those cute little flats or higher wedges than my stiletto heeled boots and pumps.  And the days I go for beauty over comfort I'm sorry.
  • I'm going through concealer faster than ever.
  • I'm actually consciously staying out of the sun.  I know, it's almost blasphemous for this former Newport Beach 15th Street groupie to consider life without a tan.  I may rethink this in June.
  • My knees make that sound that sounds like you're wadding up cellophane when I squat down.
I won't bore you further with the misery of aging.  There are really great things about it, too! Like becoming the mother of a mother and having a cute little baby to love and send home with your daughter!  (Notice my reluctance to say it??  The G word.)


Everyone in my family is healthy!! Woohoo.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Alrighty then. Three people are reading my blog - yeah, three. Ashley didn't comment, but I know she's reading it. Now I feel an obligation to prove that my life is, indeed, as boring as it seems by sharing with you some of the mundane details of my "not-interesting-enough-to-bother-reading-about" life. Hold on to your hats...

I recently made a major purchase. The amazing thing about this purchase is I went to one store during the kids piano lessons and picked it out and bought it. Here's what I bought:

I did however make the surprisingly exciting choice of color for my set - white. It's a sad thing when buying appliances is a highlight of your week.


I've become an amalgamation of my husband and my father. I have acquired one of those step counter thing-a-ma-jigs. My desire to have one is a cross between wanting another cool gadget (my husband) and my inherited need to assimilate essentially meaningless information (my father). So I've been using it and my step totals have varied quite a bit from day to day. But today was a real record breaker for my three day sample of collecting this data - 12,000+ steps. Cool.

Hey Dad, what are the gas prices in Portland today?


Because sometimes it's nice to step aside from all the excitement in my own life, I take some time to keep up with my friends with exciting lives by reading their blogs. Tonight I was sick of the Super Tuesday coverage on TV, so I checked in on Jenny's blog (which by the way is really funny) and found this really super cool video.

I have no idea how all those people kept from laughing....