Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh My Goodness!!

The best news deserves it's very own post - not that all the other kid's news isn't good, it's just this is REALLY good. Ashley is gonna have a BABY!! She's twelve weeks pregnant, which makes her due date April 29, 2008. She and Sam are very excited - as are the rest of us. OK, well, Jon isn't thrilled about the idea of being a Grandpa, but he's really happy for Ashley ad Sam! They've even heard a little heartbeat. And Ashley has been feeling great.

Speaking of Grandpa, I'm a little concerned about what this, certainly adorable little thing might be calling the mother of his/her mother. Now, I only ever called my Grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa. Jon's Grandmother was 'Mimi" and his grandfather was "Pappy." None of those are really working for me. So, I could use some help in the "what to call me" department. Please comment and give me your ideas. My dear, sweet brother, Rich, has already had a little fun with it. I'll let him comment further, if he desires. I'm serious, I have some time before the baby is speaking and can actually utter a name, but I have this feeling that Sam will be immediately referring to me as "Granny," or "Nana" or something even more scary! So please help.

But seriously, we are so thrilled for Ashley and Sam. Ashley will be the BEST mother ever, and this child will be ultra talented because he/she will play sports AND sing! Way to go Ash and Sam - we can't wait to meet the new little Schmidt!

Assorted Thoughts and Happenings

While riding in the car - yes, we do much of that - Molly was describing to me some cool new thing she saw and thought she might like to have. After giving a suprisingly thorough description she said, in total seriousness, "AND it's available in stores everywhere!" The power of advertising.

- > - < - > - < - > - < - > - <

Drew, a.k.a. Elder Scholl is coming home in SEVEN days! We are so excited, but aren't sure if we should meet him at the airport with balloons, or a stretcher. He's been to the ER again. This time for stitches. He cut his hand while.....wait.....drum roll please......CLEANING a mirror. I know for some of you that's very hard to believe, but he tells me he's become neater as a missionary. We'll see. Anyway, he cut it pretty badly and the Doctor was concerned the tissue he had to stitch back in place may not be getting enough blood supply and could die. Then they'd have to remove it. Thankfully, it's healing fine and no further surgery is required. The wrist seems to be improving as well.

- > - < - > - < - > - < - > - <

Lucy brought home straight A's on her report card, again. She's a great kid. She's reading "And Then There Were None" and came across dialog that said, "she was so pretty and so gay." It's sad when you have to explain to your child that a word that not so long ago represented only happiness has been highjacked by society. That and rainbows. It really ticks me off.

- > - < - > - < - > - < - > - <

Will has scabs on most of his body - not really, just his elbow, knee and hip. They are from that fall from the sidewalk. His teacher tells me he likes to socialize in school. Sound familiar, Mom? The girls love Will and Will seems pretty much okay with the girls. He especially likes the ones that play Pokemon and will trade him good stuff.

- > - < - > - < - > - < - > - <

Jon is not here. He's a traveling man. We miss him, but the cool thing is, when he comes home, occasionally he brings gifts.

- > - < - > - < - > - < - > - <

Me? Most fun I've had in a long time was helping kids from their cars to the school in a torrential downpour Monday. I was barefoot and wearing workout clothes! The parents thought I was crazy, but were glad I was getting soaked, not them. I had to take matters into my own hands when I saw how backed up traffic was because parents seemed to be waiting for a lull in the rain or something before sending the kids into school. There was no lull, and apparently teachers can't go out to help if there's a threat of lightning. No one was stopping me.