Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Dad

I know Father's Day was a few days ago.  Get over it.  

My Dad is and always has been the greatest Dad.  All the memories I have of him make me smile. From the black shoes and socks with shorts worn while mowing the lawn to the Tai Chi routine on my raised spa deck to the car ride from Boise to Vancouver - just Dad and me.  He's had nothing but love and support for me, even when it was undeserved.  He's talented beyond measure (he can make a herd of cows sing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir), serves his fellowman and the Lord with all his strength, has the patience of Job, and has shown me how to love by his example.  He has endured great trials with never a complaint and always stands firm and steadfast in his beliefs.  What a wonderful man is he.

Thanks, Dad for all you've done for me, and for my family through the years. I couldn't have asked for a better man to be my Dad.  I love you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Swim Meet!

Will and Molly are following in their Daddy's footsteps and are on a swim team!!  It's a summer team at a local club and they are having a great time!  We go to practice Monday through Friday and Molly swims for an hour and Will swims for two, so we spend three hours a day there!  (Mom and the kids are all getting great tans!)

They had their first meet a week ago.  It was four long hours in the sun, but we had a lot of fun!

Molly getting ready.  Her events were written on her arm with Sharpie so she would know what she was swimming and when!

Will is already to swim!  Don't you love his cap?  He has so much hair it's a necessity! 

Molly reaching for the wall in her Medley Relay

Will has a really great backstroke!

Molly and one of her swimming buddies, Reagan posing for a cute picture!

We are loving swimming because it's great exercise, the kids are becoming really strong swimmers, Mom gets to sit in the sun and we are having a great time visiting with our friends, The Morleys, The Argyles and the Fergusons!  What more could you ask for? Our second meet is tomorrow!  Woot!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lunch at Lake Texoma

Saturday we got up early to fly to Lake Texoma for breakfast.  After a small mechanical problem with the plane - which took longer to fix than anticipated (which follows perfectly my "multiply times 3 rule" when it comes to a man's estimate of time involved in almost any activity), but Jon-the-fixit-man-Scholl did his magic and we got in the air . . .  finally. 

Lucy was on her way home from Girl's Camp, so she missed it.

The Lake from above.

Beautiful - right?  I'm talking about the plane, of course!

We had a really HOT walk to Pelican's Landing where we had lunch.  On the way we stopped by the petting zoo to say hello. 

Lunch was GREAT - mostly because there was air conditioning!! 

Will was pretty sure he could eat a whole pizza by himself - NOT!

Always ready to pose!

Then we enjoyed a really HOT walk back to the plane to hurry home to get Lucy.

There are some fun "cabins" right on the airstrip you can rent.  We plan to go back and stay there for a night or two with the kids.

  The pretty grass strip.  Don't you wonder why they left that tree growing at the end????

Another minor adjustment before take-off.

Will waits relatively patiently.

On the way home, we flew over the house to get these shots:

A fun time was had by all, but we agreed morning flights are much more pleasant during June in Texas.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parker turned ONE!

I received a great gift for Mother's Day (besides the new running shoes and workout clothes!) - A airplane ticket to San Diego to see Parker and help celebrate his first birthday with him Mommy and Daddy!

I arrived pretty early on Friday morning and our first stop was a really great fabric store! Dallas has pathetic fabric stores, so Ashley took me to one on the way home that has super cute stuff!  I indulged in a couple pieces to make a cute apron.

Which came first?

If I'd had room in my suitcase, I'd have brought home yards and yards!

Then we went straight to work at party preparations!

We made party hat cake pops!

And the most delicious Vanilla Cup Cakes with toppers designed by Drew!

On Saturday, Sam made fajitas, Ashley made black beans, Spanish rice, and guacamole!  It was a super yummy meal.

Before the party, we took Mr. Parker to get his first haircut.  We went to a salon for kids and they did a great job!



And after!  He is so handsome and looks like such a big boy!

Then we were off to the park for the big party!! 

Sam decorated with a darling homemade-by-Ashley banner!

Parker played in the sand!

Jim Pontzious, David and Solveig Bassham, Judy Bassham, Terri Pontzious and Howard Bassham - all Jon's side of the family!  Way to represent!

Some other friends and neighbors were in attendance and fun was had by ALL!  Especially the guest of honor.  He received some super fun gifts....

Parker's Mom and Dad gave him this great Radio Flyer!  Ashley made the darling "1" t-shirt!

Howard and Judy gave Parker this fire truck!  Parker's little friend had a blast pushing him around on it (all girls love to push boys around, don't they?).  Parker was digging it, too!

Of course, the highlight was watching Park-man dig into his very own, homemade birthday cake!

Mini cake made by Mom! (Ashley)


Good stuff!  

He easily ate one third of the cake - by himself!  He's just like his grandma!

Great party, Parker!  Number two will be here before we know it!