Sunday, October 3, 2010

And We Had a Party!

So, we don't throw big parties for our kids every year. But this year, being the special year that is was for Will, he got a party. We decided on a movie theme and had a movie outside in the back yard.

We set up a concession stand where we served all the regular theater treats!

Hot Dogs, Nachos, Popcorn, Drinks, and candy were enjoyed by all!

Karen insisted on M&Ms to go with the popcorn.

A homemade, birthday cake, too! Karen had fun making a popcorn cake, but it was much more fun to eat!!

The cake really lit up the night with twelve candles on it! And all those boys singing "Happy Birthday" woke up the neighbors!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Will Turned Twelve

There was a very important event that happened - in March. Will turned twelve! Turning twelve is important for a couple reasons. One, you get a cell phone, which is very cool, but not as important as the second, which is you receive the priesthood. In our church worthy young men, at the age of twelve, are ordained Deacons in the church. There are important responsibilities that come with being a Deacon. We are sure Will is up to the task and are excited for him to take this step.

Here are some photos that marked this great day.

Opening presents is always entertaining with Will!

While opening his gifts, a phone started ringing - and ringing - and ringing. He had to search around for it, but finally found it! It was for him - literally!

Will also received a new suit to wear to church. He will look fantastic passing the sacrament.

Mom made a delicious chocolate cake and we at the whole thing.

We love you, Will, and are so lucky to have you around. You make us laugh and you have a kind heart. Thanks for always being willing to hug and kiss your mom, even at school. Happy Birthday - last March!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Spring Break - Pioneer Style

While lots of families were taking trips to tropical destinations, we dropped Will and Molly with some friends, traded bathing suits for pioneer clothes, put on our boots, parked the truck and picked up our handcart and headed....... West!

Our church held a Pioneer Trek for the the youth 14-18 and Jon and I were asked to be Ma and Pa for a "family" of seven kids. The three day journey covered lots of miles of rugged, muddy trails. We cooked our own food, walked, played pioneer games, pulled our handcart, sang songs, pulled and walked, slept in tents, walked and pulled and had a wonderful experience.

This is our family. We were asked to pick a name for our family from a pioneer in our own family. Since my parents are the pioneers in the gospel in our family, we chose BEST. It was a great choice! We got a lot of mileage out of being the BEST family!

Seth Burgess, the husband of our old friend Katie Hercules Burgess was one of the photographers on Trek (we were asked to NOT bring cameras, to keep the experience as realistic as possible). He took some absolutely beautiful photos.

Lucy with her Trek family. Lucy was asked to carry a baby for the three days. This was more challenging than you'd think.

A Women's Pull was held. All the men and boys were asked to go off and serve in the Mormon Battalion and the women were left to pull the handcarts alone. At one point there was a huge ravine that required running downhill to gain enough momentum to get most of the way up the other side. It was all the more challenging because of the amount of mud on the trail. In places the mud was knee deep! All the families helped each other and everyone made it. We were muddy and tired, but we felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Lucy and her sisters during the Women's Pull.

One evening a really nice program was presented. Lucy was given a speaking part and had a solo to sing. She did a beautiful job and made her mom (me) cry. It was very touching to hear the stories of those who sacrificed and toiled to make their way to the Salt Lake Valley to worship and live in peace.

The weather was crazy. I got sunburned the first day, rained on the second day and snowed on the last day. Because of the weather, we had to leave early the last day. Everyone was wet and tired and unable to get warm and dry. We were blessed to have warm homes and showers to return to - the real pioneers weren't so lucky.

Later that afternoon we all gathered at the church for a testimony meeting. What a wonderful blessing and surprise to be individually greeted by Elder Dallin H. Oakes. He shook the hand of every single person in attendance. He had planned to meet us out on the trail as we completed our journey, but the church was the next best thing!!

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to be a part of such a great experience. And I'm more grateful than ever for those who walked and pulled and played and sang and got rained on and snowed on and sunburned all the way to Utah so we could be a part of the gospel as it is today.

All is well.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Karen's Big Adventure

I received a wonderful Christmas gift from Jon. Sailing lessons. Well actually a sailing lesson. A five day sailing lesson in the British Virgin Islands! I went in January and had an absolutely wonderful time! AND, I learned to sail! I still have lots to learn, but I'm on my way.

I flew to Tortola and spent the next five days on a 47 foot Hylas monohull called the Blue Planet (I think) captained by a woman named Lousie.

Cap-i-tan Louise

There were four other women on board (girl power) including a mother/daughter team. We all got along great! Pictured are from the left, Teri, from Minnesota, Linda from Maryland, Ashley (Teri's daughter) and Luanne from Dallas!

Dinner at Pussers!

The scenery was incredible! We visited many of the spots we saw as a family just over a year before.

LOVE this place.

We spent quite a bit of time each day learning "the ropes" (pun intended) and practicing our skills. There was plenty of time for relaxing and fun, too!

I was usually found somewhere out on deck,

reading, and sunbathing.

I really had so much fun and would do it again in a heartbeat. In the meantime, we are getting ready to put our little boat out on the lake and see what Mom can do.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Cutest Kid EVER

This cutest kid EVER was born in February - the 11th. Yep, it's April now. So sue me. Here's the scoop....

Lincoln Alan Schmidt (Alan is after my Dad, Alan Barrie Best) was born on February 11th at 4:10 p.m. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches of pink baby perfection!

He was much more cooperative than his older brother Parker, who resisted a few forced attempts to bring him into this crazy world. Lincoln, on the other hand, was gently invited and BAM! There he was!

Ashley, did an exceptional job.

This is the AFTER picture. Really. See the tiny little babe in her arms? Doesn't she look amazing. I never looked that good BEFORE giving birth.

THIS is before:

OK, not really, but close.

My gorgeous daughter about to have a baby!!

I couldn't be more excited about being a grandma again! I'm very blessed to have been there for this birth as well! Jon stayed home with our kids and played Mr. Mom for a week. He did a great job. The kids didn't miss me at all.

Does he look like ME??

We got little Lincoln off to a good start with his very own iPod and some really great tunes. He was rockin' out to the Rolling Stones.

He is actually taking his first test, which he passed with flying colors - top of his class as a matter of fact! His hearing is perfect!

Parker took the whole event in stride. First thing he wanted to do with Lincoln was play ball.

Parker is super sweet with Lincoln. Whenever he sees him he does this really cute "Awwwwww" in a high squeeky voice. Then he lays on a great big kiss!

A great big brother!

Lincoln is a wonderfully perfect addition to our family. We are soooo excited to watch him grow!

We love you Lincoln!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hold on, for one more day! (or two)

I PROMISE great photos and stories about my trips... first to the BVI for my sailing trip and second, and even better, my trip to San Diego to be there for the birth of our second grandson!! I just have to prepare my Sunday School lesson, and a few other mindless, unimportant tasks to ensure the health and safety of my family..... nothin' much.

Stay tuned.....

In the meantime, feel free to look here for some pretty cute pictures of the new little man.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Fun Gift

The kids received many wonderful gifts for Christmas. They're not picking favorites, just in case the Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles or other interested parties are reading. But, this one (gifted by Mom, who loves anything involving sugar), is tons of fun!

It's the Zoku Popsicle maker!

You just put the who unit in the freezer for a day and then you pour your favorite liquid - juice, soda, kool-aid, etc. into the well and wait about 10 minutes! It freezes practically before your eyes! It's fun to mix flavors, too!

Will is using the tool to remove his finished popsicle.

Lucy enjoying her frozen concoction!

Will used several flavors of soda - Mr. Kamakaze

The Zoku gets high marks from the Scholl family. We can't wait for summer to really give it a regular workout. Today it's 27 degrees outside and we're not feeling it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Month...

Can you believe Christmas was a MONTH ago? Wow. Time does fly. And I didn't post any pictures from the big day.

So I will. Now.

The kids have their own trees in their bedrooms.
Lucy's new black, silver and white tree!

Will with his super fun traditional tree.

Molly's colorful tree.

Lots of wonderful gifts were given and received. We are truly blessed.

Lucy's new running shoes. Will she ever be able to keep up with Mom?

Will is now armed and dangerous.

Molly, aka Chef Molly got a handmade apron from Ashley, some cooking utensils and this awesome Chef's hat. Look out Rachel Ray!

Drew and Rachel got a portrait of the two of them that will look great in their "loft style" apartment!

One of the "funnest" gifts was a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

Molly was an easy target - but kept a smile on!

It was a wonderful Christmas!