Sunday, October 3, 2010

And We Had a Party!

So, we don't throw big parties for our kids every year. But this year, being the special year that is was for Will, he got a party. We decided on a movie theme and had a movie outside in the back yard.

We set up a concession stand where we served all the regular theater treats!

Hot Dogs, Nachos, Popcorn, Drinks, and candy were enjoyed by all!

Karen insisted on M&Ms to go with the popcorn.

A homemade, birthday cake, too! Karen had fun making a popcorn cake, but it was much more fun to eat!!

The cake really lit up the night with twelve candles on it! And all those boys singing "Happy Birthday" woke up the neighbors!


Claudia said...

Time sure does fly! Congratulations to Will on such a milestone birthday, and congratulations to Mom on such a super party. Any chance you want to help me with the pirate-themed bash I've got coming up in a couple of weeks? :-)

Nancy J said...

What a fun theme! I love the cake. I swear, you need to go into the party business!!!!

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