Sunday, October 3, 2010

And We Had a Party!

So, we don't throw big parties for our kids every year. But this year, being the special year that is was for Will, he got a party. We decided on a movie theme and had a movie outside in the back yard.

We set up a concession stand where we served all the regular theater treats!

Hot Dogs, Nachos, Popcorn, Drinks, and candy were enjoyed by all!

Karen insisted on M&Ms to go with the popcorn.

A homemade, birthday cake, too! Karen had fun making a popcorn cake, but it was much more fun to eat!!

The cake really lit up the night with twelve candles on it! And all those boys singing "Happy Birthday" woke up the neighbors!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Will Turned Twelve

There was a very important event that happened - in March. Will turned twelve! Turning twelve is important for a couple reasons. One, you get a cell phone, which is very cool, but not as important as the second, which is you receive the priesthood. In our church worthy young men, at the age of twelve, are ordained Deacons in the church. There are important responsibilities that come with being a Deacon. We are sure Will is up to the task and are excited for him to take this step.

Here are some photos that marked this great day.

Opening presents is always entertaining with Will!

While opening his gifts, a phone started ringing - and ringing - and ringing. He had to search around for it, but finally found it! It was for him - literally!

Will also received a new suit to wear to church. He will look fantastic passing the sacrament.

Mom made a delicious chocolate cake and we at the whole thing.

We love you, Will, and are so lucky to have you around. You make us laugh and you have a kind heart. Thanks for always being willing to hug and kiss your mom, even at school. Happy Birthday - last March!