Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never Stop Creating

It's always a goal of mine to continue creating throughout my life.  At some points I was creating children or memories.  Other times I sewed, painted, scrapbooked.  I really enjoy creating and I came by this quite naturally.  I have a mother whom I watched create my whole life.

Here are two paintings I have in my home that my mother painted many years ago.  I love them and wish I had more...

My mother is now 82 years old. You'd never know it - she looks fantastic. But she's still creating.  Here's her latest project.  It's hanging on her front door.  It has the photos of four generations of our family ages 6 months - 84 years old.  

Pretty sure that's me, behind the ribbon.  Maybe my mother is ashamed of me???  Just kidding. Anyway, isn't it great??

The letter came from the craft store... you know the ones. She painted it red with acrylic paint.

She printed the photos, all in black in white on regular bond paper the size she needed. (Around an inch and a half)

Then she used Mod Podge to decoupage the photos onto the letter.

The frame came from Michael's and she painted it black (you could buy a black one)

She stapled a ribbon loop that went around the top of the frame and the ends are stapled to the back of the letter so the letter is now suspended from the frame.  The she tied a bow with two colors of ribbon and attached it to the ribbon that's holding the letter.  

The frame is hanging from a wreath hanger on the door.  (The kind that hangs over the top of the door.)

Pretty cute, huh?  My mom rocks.


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